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Elgin Pure Water
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Kinetico Premier Q850

Water Softeners

High Quality, Efficient, Environmentally-Friendly Softeners available to protect your family and home from the damaging effects of hard water.

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Drinking Water Systems & Filters

Convenient, Efficient, and Quality Drinking Water Systems and Filters available that provide pure clean water on-demand.

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Kinetico Dechlorinator

Whole Home Filtration

Reliable and efficient solutions available to meet your specific needs to ensure great water throughout your home.

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Viqua VH200-F10

UV Water Sterilizers

Drink with confidence knowing that 99.9% of microorganisms including E.coli, Coliform, and Cryptosporidium are destroyed, supplying safety water to every tap.

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Gould J5SH

Pumps, Tanks, Sumps & Backups

Quality, efficient, and reliable options available to meet your individual water requirements.

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Kinetico Water Lifestyle Graphic

Specialty & Custom Solutions

Problem Water…we have a solution, call today!

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Installation & Plumbing Services

Licensed Plumbers and Technicians available to provide quality water treatment equipment installations and/or plumbing repairs.

Product Services and Planned Maintenance

Trained and Certified Service Technicians available to provide service to all EPW equipment brands and most competitor products. Save Time & Money with a No Hassle Planned Maintenance Program.

Rental & Financing

Prefer to Rent or wish to apply for financing?  Quality New & refurbished Units available to meet your needs at affordable prices.

Water Testing & Sampling

EPW Sampling (Onsite or In-House) or Third Party Laboratory Testing, Available as Required.

Other Products & Services

Water Refill Station serving Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline+, & Distilled Water (Deionized Water Available Upon Request), Water Coolers, Water Distillers, In-House Equipment Testing & Servicing, etc.

24 Hour Emergency Response

Do you have a Water Emergency?  Call 519-633-1861.